Nokia beats iPhone on worldwide sales

The iPhone seems to have become the Holy Grail of technology. People have queued all night to get their hands on the iPhone 4, half of the people in a tube carriage will have one in hand, the App’ Store grows bigger every day, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be dethroned anytime soon.

However, as popular as the iPhone might be in the Western world, it is far from being the best selling phone in the world. So who’s beaten it? The Nokia 1100 with 250 million people having one worldwide, whereas the iPhone has sold an ‘unimpressive’ 75 million.

The Nokia 1100 is far from being as fancy as the iPhone: black and white screen, real buttons to press (rather than stroking the oh so fragile screen of the iPhone), and no Apps! It pretty much looks like the old Nokia phones we remember as our first mobile phones.

It has become a must have in third world countries, and is being used to raise awareness of HIV and other disease through texts, which we think is a great and clever initiative.

This is the sort of findings that make us reconsider our fancy lifestyle and how it impacts on our way of thinking. As Alissa Walker (source of this article) says:

For anything to truly be impactful on a global scale, it’s definitely not going to be an app.

Yes, Apps won’t save the world.




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