Go soap-free, it’s the way forward

For a couple of days now, everyone seems to be talking about going soap free. When we started reading this article from Sean Bonner – co-creator of Metblogs – celebrating its first year anniversary of going soap free, we must say we were a bit sceptical. We thought BO, greasy hair and skin, etc. But after further reading, we revised our position.

According to Sean, the first couple of weeks are a bit hard, but his skin and hair very quickly adjusted to his new washing routine, and were actually healthier than before. We stand corrected! And it has other benefits: saves you loads of money, and better for the environment (all that plastic wasted!).

It actually all makes sense. Soap, and other chemicals in shower gels/shampoos/etc. actually disturb our naturally balanced ph levels. So going soap free seems to be the way forward!


Totally unrelated to this is the video of the now famous homeless guy with a golden radio voice, in case you have managed to escape all the coverage of this amazing and uplifting story – he got a job following the success of this video.


(Source: Boing Boing. Pictures: Design Geek and The Cool Hunter)


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