DJ Nick Bertke (aka Pogo)

We had never heard of DJ Nick Bertke (aka Pogo) until today. He is apparently quite a big YouTube sensation with over 20 million upload views!!!

His work is absolutely amazing, and this is why. Like any other DJS, he samples. But he samples a lot, very very short samples from famous movies. His recipe? Sample voices, soundtrack and sound effects (from footsteps to bones breaking). Then re-arrange and mix until happy with the melody, and you’ve got a tune.

But it doesn’t stop here. Pogo has worked for major studios such as Disney Pixar: so he’s also good with video editing, piecing bits together, and editing frames. An ability he uses as part of his creative process. It’s not just the music, but the way he also mixes bits of the movie in synch with the music.

We must admit, said this way, the musical part of it doesn’t sound very appealing. A song made from Terminator 2’s sound effects that is nice on the ear doesn’t seem very likely, but he has proven us wrong.

He has a real talent, and his sound is quite distinctive. The quality of his tunes is also enhanced by the beauty of the video. A highly talented DJ, and we’re going to stalk his YouTube for any additions to the already quite long list of song he has made.


(Source: Trendhunter)


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