Five trends for non-profit sector

We are now 3 weeks in the New Year. It isthe perfect time to start looking at what’s ahead of us for 2011 as we’ve had time to look back on 2011, and ponder what the new year holds for us, based on the first 3 weeks of the year.

We have a special interest for the non-profit sector, we don’t work with them for nothing! That’s why we decided to look more closely at trends of 2011 relating to charities.

Here’s our top 5:

  • The Rise of Enviro-Creation. It is the utilisation of co-creation techniques, where stakeholders are put at the heart of the decision making process. Services and marketing are thus being created by stakeholders.
  • The Rise of movements. It’s all about people power, more active engagement and people willing to change the world through protest. Think the recent student protests, but hopefully without the violence.
  • The New Philanthropy. As the state roles back new philanthropists from the UK and BRIC Countries will take a more active role in providing services for non profit organisations.
  • The Rise of Social Enlightenment Brands. In the early 20th century when Government was weak, brands such as Kellogg’s and Cadbury became social innovators. In 2011 watch out for other brands doing the same.
  • Core-isation.  When charities amplify their raison d’etre across all forms of communications and fundraising



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