T-Mobile Sidekick to come back!

Do you remember the Sidekick? It was the phone that all respectable teenager from American TV shows (think the OC) would carry around at all time. It was the phone where the keyboard would be uncovered when flicking the screen. We’re also pretty sure that Paris Hilton had one encrusted with diamonds, and her address book was leaked on the Internet when she got it stolen. Does it ring a bell now?

The Sidekick didn’t survive the smartphone rush though, and was removed from the market last July. It was often said to be the precursor to the iPhone: it had the apps, a chat, and was all about sharing. Then the iPhone became the new must-have, and obviously the Sidekick couldn’t keep up.

The people at T-Mobile didn’t spend the last 6 months resting, trying to turn the page on the decline of what was once the greatest phone in the world. Instead, they were scheming to get the phone back on the market. Android will run on the phone, be 4G and we can expect the usual apps, such as Facebook, ebay, weather forecast, etc. It needs such features to maybe, be able to make it against all other competitors, in a crammed market, but even then, we doubt it will make it.

(Source: Dvice)


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