The Line Phone

We might appear a bit phone obsessed, as this will be the second post this week about mobile phones, but this is potentially one of the coolest thing we’ve seen this year – there’s probably going to be many more to come. After all, it’s only January.

It’s only at a conceptual stage, and we’re not sure  current technological means would allow such a phone to be produced yet, especially for it to be sold at a somewhat reasonable price. But if it was to be, one day, I guess we could kiss bye bye to the iPhone, because the Line Phone, as it’s called, beats it in terms of design and interactivity. As opposed to any touch-screen phone you’d be able to find on the market today, this one doesn’t restrict the tactile control to the screen: the sides of the phone are also used as controllers, and no buttons involved, and that’s not all. Putting the phones next to each other would allow sharing to be very easy, just slide files from one to another, and… transfer complete!

They can also turn into some sort of a screen to play video games. However, why would you own 6 of these phones so that you can play games or watch a movie? That we don’t really get though. Why not just get a screen?

But the fact is if this phone was to be, it would be a killer.

Watch the video to see what the future might hold for us.

(Source: TNW)


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