Double USB port to make our life a little bit easier

Isn’t it annoying when you’re in a rush and have to upload something on a memory stick, but you can’t seem to be able to find the right side to insert it? This is one of many little frustrations of every day life.

So how to avoid it? Design a USB port that only has right sides, no wrong, by integrating two contact layers that can slide to make room according to the way you insert it. Why didn’t someone think of that before?

However, is it something that we really need? Yes, it is frustrating, but isn’t showing we are getting lazier, and cannot cope with problems anymore? Even the smallest ones, that are actually more inconviences than actual problems?

(Source: Dvice)


2 responses to “Double USB port to make our life a little bit easier

  1. Thanks for trying to describe the terminlogy towards the noobs!

  2. Köszönjük, hogy az őszinte kísérlet beszélni erről. Úgy érzem, nagyon erős róla, és szeretnék tovább. Ha ez rendben, ahogy elérni extra nagy bölcsességet is bánja, beleértve a további cikkeket egy ehhez hasonló további információra? Ez lesz rendkívül hasznos és segítőkész nekem és a barátaimnak.

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