BottomsUP beer

Have you ever found yourself waiting and waiting at a festival or sport event bar, just to get a nice, fresh pint? We have, and when there is so much happening around, it’s the last place you want to be stuck in (with toilet queues).

Pouring a pint takes time, about 30 seconds, and usually results in quite a lot of waste: getting the head right can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

But someone in America has come up with a genius idea. What if instead of pouring a beer, you filled the glass from the bottom, which would solve the head and waste issue? The question is how.

Well, the way this system works, is with plastic cup, and a magnet which fills the hole at the bottom of the glass. When you remove the glass from the tap, it pulls the magnet to the bottom of the glass, and with the pressure from the liquid, the magnet stays in place, sealing the glass.

And on top of that, it pours a pint in about 5 seconds. Saves time, avoids waste, which keeps customers and bar tenders happy. A revolution for any future big event.

We’re just not too sure about the magnet waste though. And does it actually save more money, than traditional taps?

(Source: Youtube)


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