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Awesome Architecture: Guangzhou Opera House

We think the architecture on the just-opened Guangzhou Opera House in Guangzhou, China is so cool! Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Opera House sits on the Pearl River and was meant to resemble two pebbles sitting on the bank. Furthermore, the interior was also inspired by the natural tendencies of rivers.

The interior is meant to reflect the results of erosion on rivers, as ceilings and walls feature foldlines that would occur naturally. The fold lines also allow light into the building and improve air circulation.

The Opera House seats 1,800 and also has a 400-person multi-functional hall and multiple rehearsal rooms. We would love to see a show in this theatre just to take a walk around! An extra plus—the building of the Opera House has improved commerce and cultural interest in the Guangzhou area; the House’s location harmonizes the formerly enclosed cultural center to the more modern, international financial district of Zhujiang.


(Source: Dezeen)


CIM Marketing Excellence Award: Not-For-Profit

On 15 February, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) held its 100th annual Marketing Excellence Awards ceremony. Judges determined finalists based on “outstanding demonstration of marketing strategy, planning and implementation.”

Amongst the impressive and accomplished winners across the seventeen award categories was us, Baby Creative, for a not-for-profit campaign done for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.The campaign featured a theme of “incurable optimism,” as shown through the incurable optimism of MND patient Patrick.

We were so thrilled with this major achievement and with the success of our campaign! To find more about motor neurone disease visit, or to view Patrick’s site please visit


Wine Bottle Ceiling

A glass of wine is great. A bottle of wine, better. But 5,000 bottles? Audio-enhancing? Decorative? We personally wouldn’t immediately think of these terms to describe a mountain of empty wine bottles, but one Argentinean engineer did. Diego Valentin owns Ginger Restaurant in Buenos Aires, which features a second, lower ceiling made of wine bottles that were consumed in the restaurant.

The result is a very cool looking ceiling that has dramatically increased the acoustics of the restaurant, whose high ceiling had forced the restaurant’s sounds to bounce around, echoing.

The curved shape of the wine bottles allows the sound waves to instead be “broken,” resulting in better sound quality and ambience. The bottles, most of which are shades of green, also illicit a smooth glow throughout the restaurant.



(Source: Tree Hugger)

Magma Fireplace

Who doesn’t like a good fireplace? Unfortunately, most houses and flats are now deprived from them for various reasons, but portable ones are more and more common.

We’ve come across this one, which not only will warm you up during those cold winter nights, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture, and serves as a table as well!

The colours represent the different Earth’s layer, from red to gray, giving this coffe table/fireplace a unique look. And it works on bioethanol liquid fuel, which apparently is harmless and easy to use, and maybe more importantly it is environmentally friendly!

The only downside is like most design items, you’ll have to pay the price to get your hands on it: £5,440. Seems a bit pricey, but for such a unique item that will also keep you warm and add a lot of character to your living room, it actually isn’t too bad!


(Source: Design Buzz)

A school of fish dodging sharks and heron

Isn’t nature amazing? We are amazed by schools of fish. We’re pretty sure anyone is to be honest: the way hundreds or thousands of fish move in such synchronisation is always a great spectacle.

We’ve found a video of 5 sharks hunting for a snack in a middle of a school of fish, but the little fish are giving them a hard time, dodging, as a group, the predators which also include a heron trying to take a chance on the shore.

(Source: Neatorama)

Super bowl ads

In the US, the Super Bowl is a big deal for corporations in term of advertising. And it’s not just about paying billions to broadcast your regular ad, oh no it’s much more than that. The ads have to be entertaining, and funny most of the time. There was over 30 of them, but here are our favourites. You can check the rest there.


(Source: Ads of the World)

Bic chandelier

Design is a beautiful thing, especially when objects from our everyday life are transformed into a piece of art.

For example, something as unaesthetic as a bic, has been turned, in this case, into a beautiful chandelier. We couldn’t believe how amazing a lot of ball pens put together could look.

Definitely something we would like in our offices. Unfortunately, the link to purchase one seems to be broken… Shame!

(Source: Design Fetish)