Good Friday

We love Fridays. We especially love this Friday because we saw the sun for more than 20 seconds! We also fancy good news, and we’ve heard some today. WPP, the world’s largest advertising company and owner of ad powerhouses JWT and Ogilvy & Mather among others, announced its profits were up 28.5% for 2010. This suggests that there is a light at the end of the recession tunnel, and that we in Ad World are slowly making our way there. Clients are seriously investing in advertising again after the disheartening years that were 2008 and 2009. Happy Friday!

And here is an ad campaign we enjoyed coming across today for the Corinthia Hotel in London.

At Baby Creative, we believe that simple sells. We thought the minimalistic, simplified element of the campaign made the ads really eye-catching. It was a nice break from typical hotel ads that feature room and building shots, and the ads, done by WCRS&Co., urged us to go check out the hotel to see if it reflected the modernity of the campaign. Well done.

(Sources: Yahoo! Finance and Ads of the World)


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