Amazing, Lazy Internet Browsing

We think this is unbelievably cool. In 2008, Emotiv developed the EPOC  neuro-headset that allows users to interact with video games using their emotions alone. And now, the company has developed an app called EmoLens that lets one navigate through and tag pictures on Flickr using their emotions as well. What sets Emotiv’s headset apart from similar apparatuses is that it’s for sale to the public — the headset itself costs about £190 ($300) while the EmoLens software goes for £25 ($40).

The EmoLens app distinguishes four separate emotions (happy, sad, anger, fear) to determine how one feels about a certain image on Flickr. The image is tagged by the respective emotion, and once the feeling fades, the app displays another image pertaining to the user’s selected topic. Essentially, the headset allows the user to control Flickr without ever touching the keyboard or mouse, through the use of brain signals and blinking. Watch this video below to see a detailed explanation of how it works. We want one!!

(Souce: Dvice)


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