Royal Facebooking & Falling Angels

How much time do you spend  perusing Facebook per day? How often do you check your @ mentions on Twitter? Have you ever Googled yourself just for the hell of it? We know we spend quite a bit of time on social networking sites everyday, letting our friends know how absolutely posh we are, and apparently so does Prince Charles (and through some sort of transitive property we’re now calling ourselves royal…just kidding).

Following a public Bible reading he did, the Prince of Wales claimed “what amused me so much were the comments that came in afterwards that I read on Twitter and Facebook.” We think the mental image of Prince Charles Facebooking is funny in itself, but overall are happy to know that the material joy gained from social networking attention is not lost on the royal family.

And, since it’s Friday, we’ll share some advertising we enjoyed this week. Our pick comes from Lynx, who set up a camera and screen at London Victoria and had some angels fall from heaven into the station with the passengers, who experienced a very cool Lynx Effect. Check it out:

We think this was a really great way to get potential consumers involved with the brand, as well as to extend their already credible falling angel campaign. The image portrayed on the screen is so realistic, and we wish we had been at Victoria to witness it for ourselves! What do you think of this Lynx campaign?

Happy Friday!

(Source: The Drum)


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