Getting Americans to museums

The following mock-up ads done by art director Jenny Burrows and copywriter Matt Kappler have gained instant internet appreciation, though they are (unfortunately) not being used in an actual campaign.Their quick success online suggests that the campaign would have been equally well received had it been for an actual American history museum.

“Our goal was to reach high school and college students, to try and engage them in a subject that many of them find extremely boring. To encourage them to learn more about people who they might have disregarded as stiff and dull. I think I can say without a doubt, if this had been a real campaign, it would have been immensely successful,” says Burrows.

We think this an excellent way to reach America’s youth – both Ozzy and Bret Michaels may be a bit outdated, but their recent stints and ridiculous antics on reality television have brought them back into modern pop culture. The ads feature a proper layout for speaking to the particular audience, and actually make one want to learn more about these ridiculous facts about historical figures. We would love to see ads like this comparing modern celebrities with past English or European monarchs (way more hardcore, ha)! Well done–we bet these 2 are wishing they’d pitched these to a museum before posting them!

(Source: My Modern Met)


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