Underground Music

London entrepreneur Ajit Chambers is looking to rehabilitate and spruce up 26 closed London underground stations in order to reopen them as bars, tourist attractions, and music venues. Chambers has already received permission to do so from Mayor of London Boris Johnson under the condition that no public money is used in the renovations.The reopened areas would likely include Aldwych station (which is already featured in many films), South Kentish Town station, Y0rk Road station, Brompton Road station, closed tunnels and platforms at Euston station, and Down Street station, which now acts as an emergency exit for the Picadilly Line.

We think this is a fantastic idea! Since some of the stations were closed down as early as the 1930’s , they will still feature the decor and architecture of that time period which could offer a really cool theme to the new establishments. And, there’s nothing else happening in them, so why not? Though Transport for London has warned Chambers about potential safety hazards due to some of the stations being close to operating railways, he is still moving forwards with plans. After hearing about the successfully innovative events in the Old Vic Tunnels this year, we look forward to seeing this project go through!

(Source: The Independent)


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