Modern Mad Men

Here at Baby, we love Mad Men (we may or may not regularly sip brandy during meetings). Hearing that we wouldn’t get another taste of Don Draper until 2012 was hard to handle, so we are grasping for anything Mad Men-esque that we can find. We came across this glorious set of photographs from photographer Ben Sandler that is certainly inspired by the 1960’s fashion and lifestyle epitomised in the series.

Furthermore, the Typescreen for iPads now offers a way for us to embody Mad Men characters in the 21st century! We love the classic, sleek feel of punching away at a typewriter, but functioning ones and their ink are expensive and hard to come by, plus their “erasing” was never quite seamless.

The Typescreen is also beneficial for those of us with bigger fingers (or even average size really), a problem which can make excessive typing on iPads quite annoying. We think this is a very cool accessory, and its an officially licensed Apple product.

(Sources: FastCo Design and Design Fetish)


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