Baby says don’t always trust your instincts!

VSO brand campaign

Today is an exciting day for Baby…why? Because it is the launch of our new ad campaign for VSO.

We’re really proud of this campaign  –  why? Because it is different, it breaks the rules, it plays a to a new angle. For we have put together a new campaign that is counter-instinctive…yes anti-instinct. Why? Because when most people see development charity ads or images of poverty plastered across the media their natural instinct is to want to send: money, food, equipment etc – that is great but if we had developed ads around this it would have been the same as so many other charities’ rather formulaic approach – yawn!! Yep another ad that fails to break convention!

However, we at Baby spotted an amazing truth – that the power of VSO is that it is not an ordinary charity. Its USP lies in the fact that it sends people…these people are skilled professionals who can really make a difference.

In film, online and in press we have demonstrated that by supporting VSO you can do more, you can go beyond your instinct, you can do much more…check out our work and see how through the power of people VSO goes that extra mile and does so much more in the crucial “fight against poverty”



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