Split personality branding?

A few weeks ago we published a series of images depicting famous logos without their brand name. The results showcased some truly elegant design that is perhaps lost behind the big brand name. In a similar vein, logo designer Graham Smith has produced a series of images taking iconic logos and replacing the brand name with that of one of their competitors.

McBurger King

McBurger King



Enjoy Pepsi

There are some things money can’t buy…like olympics tickets


Smith described his project ‘Brand Reversioning’ as “[…] a brand logo that has undertaken a creative change based on the visual style of another brand logo: Brand identities with a split personality”

The results demonstrate the inherent similarities between the major brands, as well as raising interesting questions about the synergy between a brand name and its logo. Which is more powerful? Walking into a supermarket to absent-mindedly buy a can of Coke, are you more likely to pick up a red can that says ‘Pepsi’ on the side, or a blue can that Says ‘Coca-cola?

Food for thought indeed.

(Source: www.trendhunter.com  )


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