Alistair the Optimist

What’s a dying man got to sing about?

Some of you might have seen our award-winning 2010 campaign for the MND Association: ‘Patrick the Optimist’ that centred around Patrick Joyce, a man suffering from motor neurone disease but determined to fulfil his ambition of painting 100 portraits before his terrible condition made it impossible.

This year we are proud to be helping MNDA with the next phase of the campaign by introducing ‘Alistair the Optimist’. Alistair is a keen drummer recently diagnosed with MND, and he wants to write and record an album with the help of his old bandmates, before the muscles that allow him to drum, sing and breathe no longer work.

Look out for our posters on the underground and find out how you can support Alistair by visiting


One response to “Alistair the Optimist

  1. Saw this and will be blogging about it. What a noble cause and a fantastic campaign we will be with you ever step of the way and are about to tweet about this blog and the campaign now.


    love team e-membrance

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