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Power of Advertising

Excuse the pun. Who says that advertising can’t help people? This innovative bus stop poster combines creative with functionality as it doubles as a charging station for mobile phones.

Despite Vitamin Water actually have very little to do with technology, the message is beautifully simple. It tells you that the drink will revive, restore and recharge your internal batteries, much like what the poster will do for your phone.




Virgin Submarine

In his newest business venture, Richard Branson is offering  the ability to reach ocean depths that have never been explored before. The Virgin Oceanic  will be the first submarine to be able to sustain operation at 37,000 feet below sea level. Watch the video below to see its design:

Though we admit that some of Branson’s product extensions have been a bit too much, we think this is awesome. We can’t imagine how much one of these trips would cost but are intrigued to see the footage that will come of this new exploration! Branson will be a co-pilot along with pilot Chris Welsh. Very cool.

Happy Friday!


Trees of Knowledge

We really like these bookshelves from Greek-Italian architect and designer Kostas Syrtariotis, aptly titled BookTree. The designs were exhibited at the kidsroomzoom event at Milan Design Week:

The bookshelves are easy to assemble and are attached to a wall with just two screws.

We think these are a really creative, modern portal to get children excited about reading and about showing off their books and subsequent knowledge.

Keeping with the children’s theme, we must commend Hot Wheels’ recent advertising in Bogotá, Colombia from Ogilvy and Mather:

The monstrous poster is quite life-like and is guaranteed to garner some double-takes. After all, what child wouldn’t want to go on a real life loop after subjecting their invincible/invisible Hot Wheels  drivers to such daredevil fun?!

(Sources: MyModernMet and Neatorama)

Underground Music

London entrepreneur Ajit Chambers is looking to rehabilitate and spruce up 26 closed London underground stations in order to reopen them as bars, tourist attractions, and music venues. Chambers has already received permission to do so from Mayor of London Boris Johnson under the condition that no public money is used in the renovations.The reopened areas would likely include Aldwych station (which is already featured in many films), South Kentish Town station, Y0rk Road station, Brompton Road station, closed tunnels and platforms at Euston station, and Down Street station, which now acts as an emergency exit for the Picadilly Line.

We think this is a fantastic idea! Since some of the stations were closed down as early as the 1930’s , they will still feature the decor and architecture of that time period which could offer a really cool theme to the new establishments. And, there’s nothing else happening in them, so why not? Though Transport for London has warned Chambers about potential safety hazards due to some of the stations being close to operating railways, he is still moving forwards with plans. After hearing about the successfully innovative events in the Old Vic Tunnels this year, we look forward to seeing this project go through!

(Source: The Independent)

Super bowl ads

In the US, the Super Bowl is a big deal for corporations in term of advertising. And it’s not just about paying billions to broadcast your regular ad, oh no it’s much more than that. The ads have to be entertaining, and funny most of the time. There was over 30 of them, but here are our favourites. You can check the rest there.


(Source: Ads of the World)

Space hopping through Venice

We found this great stop motion video of two people space hopping through the beautiful streets of Venice. They have edited it so that it looks like they are hovering, rather than bouncing through the street. At one point, it looks like one of them is considering jumping of the street into the water. We were rather disapointed he didn’t!

It must have been quite entertaining to shoot, but we can’t imagine the amount of editing behind it! It put a smile on out face on this grim Monday. And made us want to escape to Venice, space hopper in hand!

(Source: Neatorama)


Pikachu fever

Remember the Pokemons? Well, we sort of forgot about them. We thought they had been replaced by more recent phenomenons like… Justin Bieber and Angry Birds. Turns out Pokemons are still relevant in today’s culture, and especially Pikachu, with plenty of derived products. Here are a few of our favourite (and craziest) ones.

First, there’s the school bus. Can you imagine being a kid and being picked up by a giant Pikachu? Would probably be the most awesome thing ever!

Very similar to it, but for people affected by the Peter Pan syndrome (aka once a kid, always a kid), there’s the Pikachu car. Tacky and geeky…

There’s also this “theremin-esque Pikachu statue”, which is pretty much a talking Pikachu. Pretty standard as merchandising. But someone had the brilliant idea to get 12 of them and turn them into an orchestra. Press play and prepare to cringe.

For the hardcore female gamers (we doubt guys would every wear such thing), there are the Yellow Gameboy shoes with Pikachu. Platforms are already pretty dodgy to walk with, adding a Gameboy on the side probably doesn’t help the process.

Finally, there is the real live Pikachu! And they are so cute, but pretty pricey. Yes, the gentleman who caught them, and put them for sale on Yahoo! demands 99,000,002,805,760 yen (over $900 million) for one. Pretty expensive for a… Mouse?

If you haven’t had enough of yellow for a day, there’s more here.