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With the Copenhagen Conference over, we thought we’d lose the updates, the links and the articles and just leave one final post on the matter for now…

It seems the Copenhagen Conference, for all the expectations, really was nothing more than a first step, as Gordon Brown, Barack Obama and Ban Ki Moon have all admitted. So we have some kind of non-binding, unambitious commitment to lowering emissions. America is still not bound into any treaty. Poor nations have only vague promises of the much needed fund, and newly industrialising nations are in no way bound to reduce emissions. Real regulation on fossil fuels was hindered by the exceptionally powerful oil and gas lobby.

Having said that, we know these things are never easy, and so negotiations will continue throughout 2010. COP15 may have changed from a world-changing opportunity to just the first baby steps, but this does mean that there should be plenty more to come throughout 2010.

So do keep checking back…


3 responses to “Environment

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