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Partners in Green

Although not the first of it’s kind, this carbon-dioxide absorbing billboard does mark a first for the Philippines, a country that doesn’t have the greatest environmental track record. Created as a collaboration between Coca-Cola Philippines and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Fukien Tea Plant Billboard helps alleviate air pollution in the surrounding area. The Fukien Tea plants, embedded in over 3000 discarded Coca-cola bottles are each capable of absorbing up to 13 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year.

So that’s all great, but where does Coca-cola come into all of this? More and more, corporations are pouring time, money and resources into their CSR ambitions. Are we naive enought to believe that billboards like this one are conceived purely for the good of the planet? Of course not, but as a tool for improving brand image, it will certainly make the head honchos at Coca-cola sleep a little better. From WWF’s point of view, they’re able to clean up pollution and promote their agenda with all the power and might of the Coca-cola marketing arm.

In future, we think that we can expect to see more of these mutually beneficial campaigns, where advertising can serve the aims of two very different organisations, to the advantage of both.

(source: www.digitaljournal.com)


Awards for Baby

So much as this is not a blog about the company and we try not to bore you with agency humdrum, we get excited sometimes.

Communicate Magazine’s inaugural Transform Awards were held last night, and Baby’s NCH-Action for Children rebrand came away with awards in the following categories:

  • Best use of copy style/tone of voice
  • Best campaign to advertise a corporate rebrand
  • Best internal communication of a rebrand
  • Best evaluation process

So we’re quite happy with ourselves at the moment really. Awards might not be the be all and end all, but they are certainly nice to have.

Imitation is the sincerest form…

Regular readers of this blog may remember Baby congratulating Barnardo’s and BBH on seeing the light by portraying a message of hope in their ads, something which Action for Children and ourselves have been doing for some time.

Well, Campaign were so impressed they decided to award the new “Turn Around” ad that honour which every ad wants the most – pick of the week. Now at this we were a little surprised, given that you’d really hope for a little originality in the ad. So we wrote in to give them a piece of our mind, and they were nice enough to publish our entry.

Always nice to be recognised.

Ecological Dolls’ House

It wasn’t very long ago since we found what seemed to be the pinnacle of dolls’ house design, in the form of an ultra-sleek and modern effort from German design company Sirch. However, we reckon we’ve found something to top it.

This effort from American company PlanToys is at least as sleek and modern as Sirch’s effort, and has the added advantage of being totally ecologically friendly. All materials are completely non-toxic, the roof is fitted with solar panels and we even have a rainwater tank and a small windmill. And with the similarly ecological furniture set, there’s plenty for a child to play with.

In the words of Green Your Life Blog (source), “this would be the perfect house, if only it were a few feet higher”.  We’re still not sure if we like all this modernisation of what should be a Georgian throwback, but if you’re going to do it, do it properly…

(via Notcot)

Cardboard Baby High Chairs

When we found this we nearly fell out of our seats. You see, this is a concept which combines our three greatest loves; design, the environment, and of course babies.

Yes, this in fact a high chair made out paper. From Australian designer Anthony Dan at Paper Tiger Products, they consist entirely of recycled and recyclable material, and are apparently surprisingly strong due to their use of triangular folding.

And just for a bit of extra excitement – they fold down into flat pack form.

(source: a+.29 via Notcot)

Baby Street Art


It’s Friday and what better reason do we need to show you some ‘Baby’ street art we have been collecting for a while. It comes from all over the globe via Flickr.












Portable gardens

We love the concept behind these portable gardens. Our theory: simply put your plants in a shopping trolley and off you go. We’re looking to expand this to a portable allotment for the office so watch this space.

Back to portable gardens that already exist, we really like this concept carvan from designer Kevin van Braak. Simply open it up and lush green grass in an instant.


Other notable portable garden ideas include grass on a plate from Jeff Schmuki:


Greenery even manages to breathe some life into traditionally dreary lift areas:


A high tech solution from Jim Ruck:


And finally a bigger garden in a box:


If you have any more portable gardens then we would love to see them… …over to you.