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Power of Advertising

Excuse the pun. Who says that advertising can’t help people? This innovative bus stop poster combines creative with functionality as it doubles as a charging station for mobile phones.

Despite Vitamin Water actually have very little to do with technology, the message is beautifully simple. It tells you that the drink will revive, restore and recharge your internal batteries, much like what the poster will do for your phone.


(Source: www.trendhunter.com)


Absolut Vodka’s stylish bus stops

Absolut Vodka is reinforcing their status as a very cool brand by re-designing bus stops in Chicago. The starting point was som of their special products – Absolut Twist, Absolut Bloody and Absolut Lemon Drop – and their specific styles andpersonalities. From there, they developed the designs, not just for the posters, but for the entire bus stop, transforming them into some sorts of boudoirs.

It implied re-designing the whole bus stop, from covering it with posters, to painting the poles accordingly, changing the seats into matching chairs, and even planting lemon trees on the roof!

Each style represents the personality of each product pretty accurately. We definitely wouldn’t mind waiting for the bus at one of those, especially as some of the chairs look pretty comfortable.


(Source: Zeutch)

First solar-powered bus isn’t so solar-powered

We got really excited when we saw the words ‘solar-powered’ and ‘bus’ in a sentence together. Ryobi joined forces with Sanyo Electric to design what they promote as the “world’s first solar-powered public bus”.

But as good as it might sound, there is a catch. The solar panels don’t power the bus to move, but the interior LED lights. Sunlight would only allow the bus to drive 8 miles at best apparently. How deceptive! We know we shouldn’t be too critical as this is obviously a little step towards greener transportation, but they made it  sound more than it actually is.

(Source: TrendHunter)


When it comes to advertising, thinking about where an advert is placed and being creative about it can be a great way to enhance its impact . Bus advertisements don’t really tend to be the most thrilling. Of course there are a few exceptions. Remember, a few months ago, the Nanny McPhee, with the fairy lights on the side? Well, we’ve found even better.

Here’s a selection of super creative campaigns that have made the bus part of the adverts, rather than just the media platform.  Our favourite is the one with the chocolate bar. This is just genius.

(Source: TrendHunter)

Inventive bus stops

From time to tme, we’ve wondered what puts people off taking public buses. Usually however, standing in the wind and rain under a piece of dirty grey plastic waiting for the stupid things to turn up answers the question.

Well we can’t do much about the weather, but what if they weren’t such dirty little pieces of plastic?


It might seem a little uneccessary, but I would challenge anyone to catch the bus to work in the morning from something like the pic below and not do so with a smile on their face.


So come on Boris, it’s not the buses that are the problem, it’s the bus stops. We want to see giant strawberries all over London! See Urlesque for the full list of “The World’s Coolest Bus Stops” (who compiles these things?!) if you need further inspiration.

(source: Urlesque via NotCot)