The amount of rubbish that gets talked about marketing is very good for one thing – to try and bamboozle clients. It’s a very effective strategy, and it goes something like this: Confuse and invoice, confuse and invoice, confuse and invoice, get fired, move on to the next client and… confuse and invoice…

Like we say, it’s very effective, so hats off to all you marketing gurus out there, your business model is sound. However, we’re really not into that. We like stuff that’s simple, effective and measurable. So we’ve put our planet sized brains together to work out what clients really want from a comms agency, and no, it’s not a capuccino machine in reception. They just want sales.

“Hurray!” we say. Because luckily for clients that’s what we want too. They’re what get us dribbling and gurgling with excitement. So we’re dedicating this new section of our think tank to all things…



Check back for our thoughts on exactly how sales should work…


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