Bullshit Bingo

Lotto Balls

Baby may be all about selling, but we’re not used-car salesmen. We hate all those clichés. We still maintain our simple, straightforward and indeed baby-like attitude that makes us who we are. All that jargon, doublespeak and general nonsense leaves us cold.

We think you probably agree with us, so we’ve got a little game for you to play. It’s never fun sitting through interminable meetings on a cold, dark winter’s day, so we thought we’d bring some much needed light into it all.

Next time you’re in a sales meeting, listen out for the following empty words and phrases:

Bottom line                                   USPs                          Aggregators

Up-selling                                      Cross-selling             Market overhang

Pull                                                 Best in Class            Analytical thinking

Call ratios                                      Sustainable             Leverage

Performance monitoring              Synergies                Commission

Push the Envelope                       Engagement          Traction

Outside the Box                            Activation               Bandwidth

First to get the set wins! But only if you can pull it off without sniggering in front of the sales department, and shout ‘Bingo!’ at the end.

And you know what? Come and see Baby and we promise we won’t use any of these silly terms. We’ll use real words. Words you and your customers understand.


2 responses to “Bullshit Bingo

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  2. I have to say that this question comes up a whole lot. Bullshit Bingo is popular because it’s so much fun to play. And it’s so easy to play too. There are no games even resembling b bingo in the entertainment arena. It’s peppered with wild action and more than a fair share of bonuses and promotions. Go Bingo and enjoy the rush! I mean think of it – where else can you enjoy a game with this type of name – bullshit bingo? lol

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