Story Time

We all love stories. Don’t we? Even now Baby can remember a time when it was knee high to a grasshopper and was told stories before bed time by grandparents. Stories pull you in, they take you on a journey, they involve you emotionally. So it’s funny isn’t it, that advertising these days doesn’t seem to use stories to help sales.

bed time story
The power of the story teller is one that is highly sought-after, and in advertising that power lies with the Copywriter. A strong, engaging narrative in a storyboard or script or in some body copy can make all the difference. And that difference can be whether or not you make a sale. When you tell a story you can help your audience understand, they can empathise and be drawn in to see things from another’s point of view.

All the best stories seem to be based on everyday experience i.e. truths. Like a good stand-up will use everyday observations in his routine, a good story-teller, nay a good salesman, will always use stories that are compelling and that create emotional engagement with his audience.

Selling with stories is an incredible way of building trust and credibility. It’s why word of mouth works – because it involves a story from a trusted source. Storytelling can connect consumers to your brand in so many more ways than advertising that uses cold, hard messages, statements of puffery, or dubious claims.

We love stories here at Baby. Why not share your stories with us here?


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