Backward Britain

Britain more backward than Morocco


While the British government merrily pushes through it’s plans for new coal and nuclear power stations, car buying incentive schemes and other such non renewable what nots, let us seek inspiration in a more developed nation. Morocco.

They may be behind us on figures such as literacy rates, but they’re miles ahead in transport. Baby has been arguing for some time now that horse drawn carriages are the way forward for luxury and energy efficiency, but while the British continue to gobble up phoney hybrids and the like, the Moroccans are doing it, with the extensive use of donkey, mule, horse and dromedary power.

Rock on Morocco. Maybe one day Britain will catch up.


One response to “Backward Britain

  1. I would look more to Germany to see how a country runs a successful renewables sector. I agree Britain is backward, a country that values vintage railways and steam engines. But I would not look to Morocco, Germany is the country to look if you want to see how successful a country on renewable sources.

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