Kill the Poor


The fact of the matter is that all the environmental problems we are facing are due to one simple problem. No, it’s not greedy Americans. It’s too many people and not enough planet; the population keeps getting bigger and, funnily enough, the earth doesn’t. Something has to give.

So what do we do about it? Short of reaching another planet fit for human habitation, which we’ll leave to NASA, the solution has to come on the population side.

Well, we could take a leaf out of Adolf Hitler’s book and start culling various races, but people probably wouldn’t like that, especially if they were the unlucky ones. You’d probably end up with a World War, which, although a good population-culler, we’d probably lose, and it’d all be for nothing.

So let’s get creative and ask. What do we know?

Some people breed more than others, and it’s those ones that are the problem. We know that, generally, the poor are the breeders. The rich don’t breed so much. And rightly so – they don’t want to give up their privileged existences to care for selfish and greedy sprogs. For the poor and the weak though, breeding is a survival strategy. It’s something to do if you don’t have a telly, and they can always help out around the farm and keep their parents in old age.

So how do we solve the problem?

Easy. Make breeding a financial concern. Give everyone in the world “no-child benefit”, and remove it as they have children. Of course, we still need new people, or else we’ll run out quite quickly. So, everyone is allowed one child for free, and we guess that you’d have to be allowed to replace it if it died. A second child, however, leads to a fifty percent reduction in your benefits. A third halves it again, and so on.

You’d have to make sure that the no-child benefit was enough to live on, and that the fifty percent reduction wasn’t. With a little financial tinkering, though, you’d make sure that population growth slowed down to neutral. Adjustments could be made to make sure it never quite became negative and never rocketed as it has been allowed to do before.

Then, we could leave the few areas of the world we haven’t spoiled yet untouched, leave a few resources in the ground, and there wouldn’t be a need for such huge production as countries developed and populations boomed.

We’re not against the expansion of the race, we’ve just run out of room, and it’s time to accept that.


4 responses to “Kill the Poor

  1. If you think we’ve run out of room in the world you need to get out more 🙂

  2. babycreativeblog

    We probably do, and we’ll bear this in mind. But overcrowding is a real issue, especially if it gets worse!

  3. Wow. is my favorite site.

  4. I like you heartless honesty. There is another solution but its even more difficult then an all out cull. Our goal as a people has become consumption. There is no real purpose to our lives. If you don’t believe me lets look at New York city or any city for that matter. What is its purpose? What does the city produce other than homes, jobs and all of the artistic nonsense you can list. It does nothing more than consume. We don’t need to leave the planet we need to be smarter than we have been with the one we have. We need to think big, so big that our constructs dwarf anything new or ancient. The skyscrapers we have now would only be struts in the legs of the buildings im thinking of. These buildings would be topped by farm land. There would be multiple levels of farm fields one beneath the other transmitting light passively to all of the levels. This would be generations of work and many would surely die in the process but it would have been a meaningful death. Yes this building would be a city but the work it did would be great and last nearly forever and force man to think and work. There would be no room for welfare here. Do you work or get out would have to be the code. Building such massive structures would force us to gather resources from asteroids and such. Just think of what man could do if we focused on more than buying phones and clothes and building appliances that specifically break after 3 years of operation simply to coax more consumerism. Its sad what we have become.

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